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What defines me?  The way I live. The things I write: They are the ‘Reflections’ of the person and writer that I am, and most importantly, an image of my creator.  “As water reflects a face, so a man’s (or woman’s) heart reflects the man (or woman).” II Cor. 3:18, New Testament Bible. My ‘Reflections’ are only a part of my  identity, or uniqueness in the person I am; a Christian, a believer saved by grace, forgiven my sins, and still working to become the person God wants me to be, not made perfect by any means. It is my hope too, that my life reflects other things important in my life that I give God thanks for; a devoted husband of over 47 years, two wonderful girls, and four grandchildren whom I love spending time with.

As a writer? I define it this way. A blank page to a writer is his podium, his pen: a microphone. I believe that writing is a ‘craft’ one can never perfect, only improve on. I began writing in 1974, doing a variety of things (poems, devotionals, articles and prose of all kinds). After having some poems and articles published I  became focused on writing fiction.  Ideas for my fiction come in whatever way the inspiration comes, sometimes with an unexpected perspective, twist or ending.  That is part of the fun in creating, all in the name of ‘Make Believe.’ Sometimes I like to turn a situation around for my characters, from one of despair to one of hope, in their favor, and their life is changed forever. The sad news is not everyone lives, but not everyone dies, either.  If I have told a story well the reader might relate to the story or character, laugh or cry, grieve or empathize, depending on the genre or delivery.

I don’t think we ever ‘grow up’, only ‘grow older’.  And in so doing I am always teachable, as in life. As a writer I live from one inspiration to the next, from one idea to the next, and out of all I hope there is something worth writing about, and for the reader; something worth reading. But as a person I take one day at a time, and every day counts.


Joyce E. Johnson

Posted May 4, 2012 by Joyce Johnson

20 responses to “About me

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  1. Hi, Joyce, enjoying your blog. Would you have an ID for this wildflower? https://jemj47.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/dscf0863.jpg
    If you do, I’d love to have you email me with the ID. Thanks!


    • Hi Jan. Thank you for the posstive comment and happy to hear your’re enjoying my site. About the wildflower, If you’re referring to the large yellow wildflower (top left) on my recent post, “Another place we call home,” I don’t know what it is called or identified as, nor the other wildflowers I took pictures of. Sorry. Wish I knew also, but the flowers that grow wild in the Rockies are not identified in my garden books. I plan to look for a more detailed book about these flowers though, and if I find out what they are named I will try to remember to come back to your comment and email the info. to you. Thank you for reading and inquiring about them. They come back about every July and are so pretty.


      • Thanks for the reply, Joyce. I found some similar flowers in the Roosevelt National Forest this week. My first instinct was blanketflower and upon further research, I do believe that’s what they (and your flower) are. It’s just a different variety with less orange in the petals. Most likely Gaillardia aristata.


        • Is is interesting on what you found in RNF because our mountain property sits in the middle of the RNF in Larimer county, northwest of Fort Collins. Our lot is 32 mi. from Fort Collins. Thanks for the tip and info. I will research that a bit further too. Do you live in Colorado, also?


          • Hi, Joyce, I grew up in Colorado and am here presently. I live full-time in my RV now and travel all around. Since my (grown) kids and grandkids live here, and Colorado is so beautiful, I spend a lot of time here.


            • Oh. Welcome back. Where are you living now in Colorado? What city or part did you grow up in? I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, but have lived in Loveland for the past 21 yrs., but lived in Longmont and Frederick also a number of years prior to moving up to Loveland. My husband and I have an old Airstream trailer we keep up on our Glacier Veiw Meadows lot for the times when we’re up there which is more often during the Spring to Autumn season.


              • Thanks, Joyce. I’m glad to be back. I spend most of my time in Colorado on a ranch in Douglas County. But I travel all around and love boondocking and being out in nature. You’re welcome to send an email and I can giv eyou more details if you like. Airstreams are great, BTW! Sounds like we have a lot in common.


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  3. Thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on fdadgdgfcbee


  4. You have a lovely way with words Joyce. A joy to stumble across your page.


  5. I found your blog from a comment on the Daily post ‘Don’t undermine your comment’. I’m new to blogging and was so pleased to discover someone who is passionate about their writing and open about their faith. I will revisit in order to read your reflections and writings more closely.


    • Thank you for visiting my blog and for the comments. I hope you will find more posts here that you like. I went on your blog too and read some of your post on your about.me and writing and appreciated your honesty on things especially about ‘moving around a lot’ and about measuring up to the expectations of others. I not only surprised a lot of people in my lifetime too, but even myself to measure up to what I expected of myself. :) The best to you in your future writing projects and the books you’ve written.


  6. You have a beautiful blog Joyce- glad I was led to check it out and enjoy, the pic of the mountains was like icing on a cake ;-)


    • Thank you very much. Having been born and raised near the Rockies (Colo. Springs) they never cease to amaze me and we still love spending time up there and taking plenty of pictures. We just live 32 mi. east of Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park now in Loveland, so can get up there frequently.


  7. Wow, Joyce, your blog site is beautiful. Who did it so beautifully? When I get a chance I’ll write an update email.


    • Thanks Dee. I pretty much did the layout and design myself. On WordPress a blogger can pick their theme and then set their priorities, settings and accessorise it the way they want with colors, columns, gravatar, pictures, etc. It has been a major piece of work but have been real satisfied with WordPress and their options to set it to my preferences. I have more to add to it as time goes on with more fiction and nonfiction pieces, but you can troll around on my category list to find different things to read. I look forward to hearing back on an update on you, too. Thanks for visiting my site. If you want, you can click on the ‘follow’ button below right, and follow me when I write new posts. They are set up to be sent automatically if you wish.


  8. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. Yes, I do really enjoy writing. Please visit again.


  9. Enjoyed reading my way through your blog. You are obviously passionate about your writing and it shows.


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