Bound between two covers

old Mannhalter pictures and Bible 015

A book is read for

what is found on its pages

it’s not the story


that’s most important

or pictures that entertain

but the way it’s told


and the message gained

for on its pages are words

that change heart and soul


Notes:  I read that this week is National Library week so decided to use this poem and photo for the NaPoWriMo post for today. I love to read and have an extensive library of traditional print books in my collection of all genres and types and by many different authors. I am also fond of antique books and love collecting them. But, the ‘book’ in the photo above is actually my paternal grandfather’s German Bible. Although I have different translations of the Bible and concordances in my home it is the significance, sentimentality and the history of this old Bible that is special to me, but the ‘messages’ contained inside it I value most. The NIV (New International Version) Study Bible is my favorite translation and the one I prefer for reading and personal study.

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