Farewell Sweet Summer

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Autumn leaves Autumn leaves; this photo is one I took a year ago at the peak of Autumn.

Farewell sweet summer

nights, when a crickets’ chorus

sings to dark, cool skies

and lulls my slumbering eyes.

When through my window, a breeze

turns to early dew

and blooms shiver in the morn,

and the rising sun

brings a cold brisk autumn chill.

With the change of season comes

colorful array

of trees that shed their bright coats

now red, amber, gold,

and the harvest’s bounty grown

in abundance on the ground

gathered up and sold

to town markets all around

with baskets full of

ripe cornucopia found.

Farewell to sweet summer’s end.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

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Posted August 31, 2014 by Joyce in My Writings

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