Bobcat’s story   10 comments


Nine years ago, there was this kitten

found under a rose-bush, hiding and afraid

hungry, abandoned, and all alone.

With imploring sad eyes hoping to find

a friend, family or home nearby

he wandered about, surviving the elements,

living on insects, whatever was found.

When no one came looking or put in a claim

for the lost kitten out wandering that day

my daughter and family took him in,

and lovingly provided him with a good home.

Was it just fate or maybe meant to be

that this kitten found love in the most unlikely way?


Joyce E. Johnson © 2017

Posted for The Daily Post word prompt,


Posted February 6, 2017 by Joyce in My Photos, My Writings, Poems, poetry

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10 responses to “Bobcat’s story

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  1. very touching and what a gorgeous feline!!! Mr. Cheddar approves too. 🙂 >^^< have a super weekend Joyce, hope all is well.

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  2. We are cat lovers too. Great poem.

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  3. Made me smile and think of all the critters that have graced our lives! Lovely.

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  4. How beautiful & moving!

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  5. … do the most for the least of my creations for in my eyes, they are the most – as you are…

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