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With sheets of old yellowed parchment spread out

the scribe sits down at his splintered worn desk,

and with withered hand he dips his quill

into a thick substance inside the inkwell,

and turns his face towards Heaven, blessed be He,

God of the universe, and praise to the One

who sits on the throne, all the earth be His.

It is not what the scribe hears with audible voice,

but what his heart hears and knows to be true

for that which is given him scribed upon

with sweeping gesture, flourish and swirls

the Hebraic characters penned in ink

are the scribe’s writings on ancient scrolls.


Joyce E. Johnson © 2017


7 responses to “THE SCRIBE

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  1. Scripture is inspiring and every time I revisit the words, new meanings and references froth forth.

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  2. I am so amazd at the poetry that you write! God has given you such talent

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    • Thank you very much, Pat. I appreciate all the positive feedback. God can and does use us all, and all that we do if it glorifies Him. See you on Thurs. I have your phone #.


  3. Love “the flourish and swirls”of this poem! It goes well with a verse from Romans 15:4 that leapt out at me the other day: “For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”

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    • Thank you Dorah. That is a perfect scripture reference to apply it to. When my husband and I were on our trip to Israel in May, 2001 with our sr. pastor and a group from our church we got to visit the museum in Jerusalem where the Dead Sea Scrolls are held there under very tight security and I was so impressed and drawn to its history and significance it has to the Jewish state and people and to us as Christians. We were unable to get pictures in there because of the real ones in a basement vault so we viewed the ones under glass that are used as duplicates for viewing. They are vey valuable and were first discovered in caves near the Dead Sea by a small boy and then later authenticated. So, I just used this internet image for the benefit of my poem.

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      • I can only imagine how moving that visit must have been! I think your poem captured the awe of that moment — for us to whom Scripture is where our God breaks His silence, we can only marvel at how He works through a humble man and his bit of ink.

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