A treasured antique of quotes and notes from famous, classical poets   4 comments

When my father died in 1982 he had a personal library and collection of old books that he often used for reference for his sermon notes. He was a pastor of a church and loved quoting not only passages from the bible with different translations, particularly the Greek, Hebrew and King James. But he also used some from great poets if there was a vein of similarity in what they published to notes and thoughts in his sermon notes.

Being the voracious reader, collector of books, and poetry buff that I am I inherited some rare and ancient tomes from him that I still have today, some of which are barely holding together. I even have an antique German bible belonging to my paternal grandfather that was also his. Another little gem from his collection is a reproduction of a little devotional book full of favorite scriptures and poetry verses used by president Abraham Lincoln.

I thought I would share a thought from Lord Byron, the British poet from the little book above, “2000 Sublime and Beautiful Thoughts,” an antique published in 1897 by The Christian Herald publishing house. It is full of poems, quotes and thoughts from some of the most famous of classic poets like Tennyson, Longfellow, Browning, Emerson, Byron, Wadsworth, Dickens, Voltaire, and Shakespeare.

This is a quote from Lord Byron. “Words are things; and a small drop of ink, falling like dew upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”

Words are powerful. They can be positive tools of reinforcement. They have the power to impact a life, produce change, uplift and encourage a despairing soul, instill hope, inspire creativity, bring joy and happiness. Do you have a favorite poet, a quote, thought on this, or words you remembered that inspired you that you would like to share in a comment here? If so, I would love to hear back what you have enjoyed.


Joyce E. Johnson (2017)


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4 responses to “A treasured antique of quotes and notes from famous, classical poets

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  1. What a beautiful book cover. I really liked your description of your book collection and the quote from Lord Byron.

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  2. A legacy of cherished books is such a wonderful gift, Joyce, especially from a parent. When I was a child my mother gave me a book of “One Hundred Famous Poems” and one that grabbed my imagination was Leigh Hunt’s “Abou Ben Adhem.” It’s a little narrative poem about a man who has a dream of “an angel writing in a book of gold.” In some ways it awoke me to the beauty of words that tell “true stories.”

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    • I have had favorites too over the years, and still have the first children’s book I ever owned that my father also gave me when I was just nine yrs. old. It was also a treasure. I have always loved books, and collect all kinds. I also love using my NIV study bible, and Joyce Meyers bible too for personal bible study/reading time.

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