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A moment gone, I’ll not look back

what is too painful, I cannot forget,

but life grants us another day,

a new season, a renewing gift of time.

 I can only hope and pray

we count each worthy, one step forward,

 and wish them to stay,

but only with God’s help

will we make strides together,

while writing a new page of our lives

   one we’ll wish to be remembered.


Joyce E. Johnson (2017)

Posted September 14, 2017 by Joyce in My Writings, Poems, poetry

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10 responses to “A new page

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  1. Somehow I’ve been missing your posts on my feed and I’ve been wondering/praying. Now from your poetry and the comments here, I see you’ve been under a great trial and am praying for you all the more. May the presence of our Lord Jesus and His all-sufficient strength be more real to you than the suffering, and may our Good Shepherd’s touch heal what is broken by His grace & lovingkindness. Much love to you, Joyce, and peace.

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    • Thank you, Dora. Yes, it has been a personal crisis that struck this last year, through the summer. My husband has been suffering from a severe anxiety and depression in the last several months and a month ago attempted suicide twice as he felt hopeless over our inability to get answers and a grasp on what was going on with him. He was never like that before or had a problem with it ever in all our 51 yrs. together. We are both Christians with a strong faith, but the mental illness took hole and we went through numerous appts. with doctors, ran tests and he was hospitalized in three different facilities because of his attempts on his life and getting help. He is now home and we are claiming healing and victory as we are taking one day at a time, one step at a time. The prayers and support of people and friends and family has been awesome and I welcome yours too. 🙂 Thanks for all the kind thoughts, and prayers, Dora. I will soon be posting about the mental illness of anxiety and depression, soon and hope it will be more specific to explaining a bit more what we have gone through. Have a great week.


      • I know from personal experience how you and your dear husband must be laboring under this load, so I’ll pray for His peace in the midst of the storm, knowing even the waves obey His voice. We will yet sing songs of deliverance, by His grace. Good of you to want to post more about this at a later date as I know it will help many. May God bless and keep you both, safe in His mighty arms of love.

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        • Thank you. It has been like a bad storm in our lives, as you said, and interestingly enough I used that analogy several times when I posted things on Twitter about the storm we were experiencing. I remember you have Twitter, too, so probably can find those posts under my Twitter tweets page. Thanks for the prayer support always. Each day is getting better for Wayne as he finds each day’s routine and ‘new normal’ working in his recovery process.


  2. I read your FB post Joyce and you have my prayers. Yes, in times such as this, we do need the Grace, Love and Fellowship of Him.

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  3. Dear Joyce,

    I read your facebook post yesterday. I understand clinical depression first hand. If you ever want to talk… Lovely poem.

    shalom and prayers,


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    • Thank you, Rochelle. It is good to hear how others too have conquered it. The statistics for mental illness and depression among the older generaltion alone is alarming. And is hard to understand how one can get through life without knowing the Savior/Messiah, huh? 🙂


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