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I took this photo with my iPhone 6 camera. I have not had this phone long. It was given to me by my granddaughter. She had lost it on a hiking trail, was rather new still, and though she searched for it then  she did not find it until two weeks later. Since she had immediately gotten her a new phone of the same model and make, she gave me this old one which surprisingly was still there in the same spot where lost and her dog picked up her scent on it. It was not broken or damaged, and still in excellent condition for me to use after transferring my phone carrier account over to this one. I experimented with the camera some while on a walk with my dog when the sun was going down over the lake when I took this. You can see just a tiny opening of color still from the reflected color and sheen off the lake through the trees, and a glistening wet look on the fallen leaves along the trail.

Joyce E. Johnson (2017)

via Photo Challenge: Experimental

5 responses to “Photo Challenge: Experimental

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  2. A nice shot. 🙂 Lucky you to be the owner of this phone now. 🙂


    • Yes. It was quite an interesting thing to find it. We looked all around on the trail after it was lost, and then I prayed that Kristen (my granddaughter) would find it again, and two weeks later she found it, with absolutely not even a scratch on it, or anything. Answered prayer, literally. 🙂 She had already bought her new iPhone by then, so she gave me the old one.


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