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Where corn grows ready waiting the harvest

and granaries are tall white towers

stretching upwards into bright skies.

Where trees, large and twisted

their bark like wrinkles baked in the sun,

with heavy foliage on hanging branches

 bow low to the ground now covered in leaves,

and busy little squirrels scurrying around.

 The sound of trains rumbling down the tracks,

the blast of a noon day whistle heard,

with the semis and tractors sharing the road

between quaint shops that line the street;

a bank, a post office, grocery and gas pump.

Are all beginning to feel more like home.


Joyce E. Mannhalter © Oct. 2018




Posted October 26, 2018 by Joyce in Autumn, blogging, My Photos, My Writings, Photography, Poems, poetry

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6 responses to “More like home

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  1. Dear Joyce,
    Lovely words of poetry. Happy to know that you’re gradually settling in.
    Luv and hugz,

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  2. Joyce, Your poetry is lovely, so full of grace and light. Seeing this new landscape through your eyes is a beautiful reminder of fertile vision when God’s unfailing love informs it. I haven’t been writing as much as I want, but reading your writing again is inspiring me through the pain of increasing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms that have limited my mobility in the last year. You were not forgotten in prayer. May our Lord continue to be your refuge and strength, and may He give songs in the night that lift you continually from darkness into light. Much love to you in Him who loves us and gave Himself for us.

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    • Thank you so much for the kind words, prayers and support Dora. It is friends like you and your impact on my life during the low times that encourages me to continue in something I have still a passion for; to write, and with words the Lord gives me that will be a blessing to someone. I will keep you in prayer also that you will receive healing and be able to also write without pain or discomfort. I have been blessed with the amazing things you have written and know it impacts the lives of others too that read it.

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  3. Joyce, I have missed you. Where have you been? So good to hear from you with this beautiful piece. Home sweet home my dear. 🙂


    • Hi Celestine. Thanks for the visit, comment and like. I took a very long break from blogging and social media sites to recover, refocus and prioritize my life after this last couple of years with all that happened with my now ex-husband and I. We were divorced this year and I relocated and moved away after we sold our home and properties. He is incarcerated in Wyoming and I have resettled here in Grant, NE. You may catch up on my life by reading my last post from a couple weeks ago and prior ones through the last year or so that tell of what was going on. The best to you and your writing always. Take care.


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