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Boldly posting whatever pops to mind

Ever wondered when on a social media or blogging site how some posts just appear in the feed as if they had nothing else to say? Yet they post whatever comes to mind, obviously with little forethought? One can endure it, like it, ignore it, move on, hide it from your timeline, or log off. But, one can not always avoid it being splashed across the screen in front of their face while trying to get updates on friends, posting, or sharing. One might think, ‘What was that person thinking posting that stuff?’ But, some will say, ‘Everyone has the right to post and say or do whatever he wants.’ Right? Sure. You bet. We don’t have to like it, read it or respond to it. But, social media sites have now become places where it can be a dumping ground with disgusting pics, foul language in candid posts that expose it all. Their pics and posts have become their now personified ‘voice’.

When I first activated my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google, etc., etc.) I vowed that when and what I posted, commented on, or responded to would have only encouraging, uplifting comments, photos, and words so that I would never regret posting or worry where they ended up like on the screen of a potential employer, literary agent or publisher, writing instructor, or even just a ‘real friend’ whom I valued too much to ever shock them, disappoint them, question or doubt our friendship.

OK. So anything goes and people do and say what they want.  If that stuff floats their boat so be it. In the long run, later on their posts and pics might sink their boat. One can entertain, gripe or complain, use it as a platform for their political agenda of sorts, share or shout whatever they want. Or one can use it to teach or train, bless, help or encourage, share what really matters, offer prayers of support, or just post a kind word for someone whose having a bad day and needing a ‘friend’ to just respond in a kind way. The latter is the kind of blogger, ‘friend’, or tweeter I would rather be, so I will not have to worry about things out there floating around in cyber space that one day comes back to bite me, and haunt me for the rest of my life.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

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Well-chosen words…

Good writing is like

planting seeds in fertile soil;

well-chosen words placed

where they are most effective

produce the desired results


The above poem tells what I try to achieve with my writing, but am not always sure I am successful. It is what I have been striving for whenever I write anything; to choose my words well, place them where they do the most good and can be easily understood, interpreted and be concise.  At times it would seem as if I revise or edit more often than necessary. But, often when I think I’m finished I reread it again and suddenly find a spelling error or maybe I will feel a meaning is not expressed well enough for some and I wonder if readers can get exactly just what I was trying to say, and I start over again. A spelling error or word left out at times that I discover later gets frustrating when I find it after I have already posted and have to go back, correct, edit, re-post or update.

Then there is the other thing that totally frustrates me. I have a deteriorating and advancing vision problem and eye disease necessitating me to use about two or so different strength reading glasses at times to be able to see clearly what I am reading, typing, posting and writing. It is called AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration).  It is not so uncommon with people as they get older, but is something that un-nerves me when wanting to get a written piece right and not discover errors later. Even using a recipe when I cook or bake requires close attention and the stronger reader glasses.

So, if I find a misspelled word or one left out or one used incorrectly its back to editing or revising again before I get it right.  And if a reader or writer finds it or wishes to correct me that’s OK too, as I appreciate good feedback. Thanks.  Now, I will once again proofread this before posting. 🙂


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

Sometimes drawing a blank_____?



Sometimes my mind will draw a blank

when words don’t come; I cannot make

things come together and thus create.

Where to begin when ideas don’t form

I patiently wait the inspiration,

a flow of thoughts, a spark or prompt

whereby the process can begin,

but given time, it will come

even if it’s just to rhyme.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

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To seek…


To seek,

to find,

to nurture

the mind;

Still yet, I

yearn to learn


The above poem was published in the anthology book, Poems to Remember (Volume II) in the Spring of 1991 by The Southern Poetry Assoc., Pass Christian, MS.

Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

Remembering a time in life before computers

There was a time and a place when my whims, moods or spontaneity dictated my day, the things I did or felt, and they were more carefree. But, that was when I was a child, or a teenager with fewer frustrations in life.  But, those days are long gone now that I know what it feels like to be a ‘baby boomer’, a senior watching the days and years pass all too quickly. I now work much harder to keep my brain sharp, my vision and hearing, and know that when I have laid down my car keys at the end of the day I can remember where to find them again the next day. I want to remember that I had my coffee pot filled and readied for the new day; not find water spilling out of its already filled reservoir, and that I remembered to write down appointments on my calendar. The list goes on.

Today, I treasure every memory I can recall, and every place I found serenity or pleasure wishing to return once more just to enjoy it again and savor the moment. I value every new idea my brain can invent or create, every word I can still spell or define, every sunset that merges into twilight and greets a new dawn upon its waking hours. It is another day I anticipate hoping for a clear head, a mug of hot coffee, and a working viable computer before me without crashes, frustrations and long lists of updates to install before my brain crashes and I forget what I was going to write or where I saved my file. I believe writing is one of those things that helps keep my mind sharp, but computers that confuse it. But, during the last full week it was my desktop computer that took the crash, and I had to start over with a clear head, some ingenuity and reload all of my Windows software. It was probably the jumbled up order I ‘arranged’ my docs and files in the first place that threw my trusty old desktop into a confused tailspin. 🙂 But, it is that PC where I do all my ‘creative’ stuff.  But, I will see how my old desktop performs under a newly rebuilt ‘engine’.  I have all the same files and programs on my newer working laptop, but it is my desktop that took the hit, and where I feel the most at home working on.

I am now working on the last few and final chapters of, The Informant’s Agenda, but it will need more writing and  editing before the story is finished  and I can finally look into publishing options, so might be a while before I can post those last few chapters, but for the time being I will work on other material and posts to add in between those chapters. Thank you to those who are following it. The comments and feedback have been so appreciated.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

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The Night Before Christmas

Santa Claus

Santa Claus (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

It was the night before Christmas when asleep in our house

I awoke with the sound of my snoring spouse.

I tried to sleep snuggled down in my bed.

But, it was no use; even covered my head.

So, I went to the kitchen, and put on the kettle,

to brew me some tea, and sit down to settle.

With my cup and a book I headed for my chair.

Then I heard a noise that gave me a scare.

What did I just see? I stopped to stare.

There plopped old Santa sitting astride

a floor full of toys with instructions beside.

A puzzled expression creased his dimpled, flushed face.

He looked so natural by the fireplace.

His round robust frame looked to pop like a cork,

when hearing my steps from the kitchen I came.

With no place to hide, and caught in his folly

he lumbered up getting caught in the holly.

Fallen from the mantle the garland like wreath

fell to his feet with the cookies beneath.

Spread out on the floor lay assorted parts,

nuts and bolts, tools and more.

But, he went to work assembling the toys;

a bicycle, a scooter, and robot for the boys.

A doll house, a tea set he checked off his list,

things my kids said, “Please don’t forget.”

In spite of the sight and comical scene,

He left such a mess I will have to clean.

But, I tiptoed away with my cup of tea

to give old Santa sprawled out by the tree

space to work, for he looked so perplexed.

Now, I vaguely remember falling asleep

curled up in my chair not hearing a peep.

When I woke in the morn on Christmas day

I tried to remember, Did I really see Santa,

Or did I just dream about a jolly old man,

who happened this way? Then I heard my kids squeal

with excitement and say, “Mom! Come see

what Santa brought us today.”


Poem by: Joyce E. Johnson – 2012

Same blog; new look

For those who have clicked, looked and tried to find my old ‘header’ photo at the top, or my old profile ‘gr avatar’ photo from before, it is a bit changed and different looking. My top photo is a favorite one I took on a vacation many years ago to the New England states. if looking a bit compressed because I could not bear to crop it. 🙂 I did some maintenance work on the site with archives, story chapters, etc. to make things easier to find for those following either or any of the fiction stories, short and long. I do not have a definite scheduling plan set on my blog, but am trying to maintain a tentative one by posting at least twice a week, once in the middle of the week on Wednesdays, and again on Saturday or Sunday. My plan presently is to post a chapter each week to my WIP story, The Informant’s Agenda, which is the story I am more focused on right now. And, I will post at least one of another kind of post, such as a photo, poem, essay or misc. post during the middle of the week.

There are times though when ‘life happens’ and we can get behind, need to catch up, take a break, reset priorities, or we struggle trying, getting stressed out along the way, Maybe other bloggers and writers are like that at times. and the set schedule of posting might take a back seat to my other priorities. I am a wife to my husband of 47 years, a mother, grandmother, am involved in my church, and volunteer time with seniors and elderly residents at assisted living centers and nursing homes to help with those older than myself.  🙂   My family too, always comes first as I am committed to them and other obligations. My time though at my computers and my writing is nothing less than an obsession, as I love to write, but at times need to reset my priorities to give more of myself to others. It is what helps to keep a balance in my life.

But, who knows. There might also be a time when I have something that I want to post right away, because the mood moves me to go with the spontaneity of the moment and I am eager to share it, and cannot wait. 🙂 I appreciate every reader, blogger and follower here, and those too who follow or read my posts via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google, and their comments are always welcome. Thank you, to all who have visited or follow me.

And so without waiting another day or time, I am in one of those spontaneous moments and hope you enjoy my next newly created little ‘limerick’ story to follow this post.


Joyce E. Johnson (2013)

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