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‘Friday Fictioneers’ – Flash Fiction 100 word stories

Every week a photo is posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields provided by her, or someone else for the benefit of inspiring writers from all over the globe to submit their own 100 word story based on the photo prompt.  Below are two of my stories from the Friday Fictioneers category. They all are pure fiction in the literal sense, entertaining, but never autobiographical of any experience I, or anyone I know, have experienced. My characters, plots and locations are those of my own creation, and from the world of ‘make believe.’ They are not indicative of my own beliefs, or perspectives, necessarily, but of their own, real or imagined. You may find all my prior 100 word stories under the category of Friday Fctioneers, Flash Fiction, or Short Fiction if you are new to my blog and wish to go back and read any of my older stories. I welcome you to come along with me to my imaginary world of ‘make believe.’

Joyce E. Johnson



“Anson! I told you to clean your room, and get that dirty old jar out of here.”


Anson walked out to the barn, and entered his science specimens’ domain.

“This will be better, Widow Black. It is time for you to join the others out here, now.”

He unscrewed the jar, and let the spider crawl out, lifting the jar gently up to a large web where she could now join her ‘kind.’ Others waited with anticipation for the ‘newcomer.’

“You will feel more at home here.”

Anson would make a great arachnid scientist one day.


Joyce. Johnson (2012)



“What’s that? An illusion, or an angel with too many wings?” my friend asked.

“Don’t ask me. We’re in Paris. Remember? Everything here is interpreted differently. Ask the tour guide.”

“Are you kidding? And look like a ‘redneck’ or a moron from ‘south paw’ U.S.A.?”

“The brochure says here that the sculptor is a descendent of ‘French Americans,’ and was, ‘presented to Paris in appreciation for their gift to the United States for the Statue of Liberty.'”

A month later.

“Remember that angel statue we saw, in Paris?”

“Yea. Why?”

“It was demolished by angry demonstrators who hate Americans.”


Joyce E. Johnson (2012)


The below story is fiction. Each week writers from all over create a story to go with the photo prompt provided by Madison Woods for the Friday Fictioneers writing group.  This week’s photo prompt is,  ‘Grapevines,’ and this is my 100 word story.


He sat, sipping a glass of wine, but knew it would not last.

Preparing to fend them off, he loaded the magazine, and waited, determined to protect his investment, his irrigation rights, and the grape harvest.

Demonstrators marched up the road, chanting, “No water for wine!! No water…!”

The drought covered the country, much like the blight years before, ruining crops.

No rain for months, people were desperate, violent.

The riots had become ugly.  

Closer they came, with machetes, whacking at plants, torching the vineyards.

Now, they came for him.

Grabbing up his M-16, he fired. 

What have we become?!


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