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Having hope is easy…but faith? Well…

Hope is what I have,

Faith is what I strive to gain;

more of which I need


If you have come to my site looking for poems for the 30 day NaPoWriMo challenge of posting a poem a day, you can see this and all those posted under the month’s archive with the last and final one today, above. Most are newly written poems never before posted on my blog. Some are old poems written years ago, some published, but never posted here before this month. All of those posted for this 30 day challenge can be found under the category of the NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). I have not used any of the optional prompts provided by their site, but instead my own ideas to write what I wanted to post for that day, so hope no one has been disappointed. As you have been able to tell by now, I have had a variety of all kinds, types and subjects including some fantasy, funny and whimsical.  🙂 Poetry is one of the genres I love to write, but it is not the only thing. I love writing fiction too, and soon will be back to posting some again. I hope you have enjoyed some poems I have posted here, but there are a whole lot more poems under the poetry and Haiku categories.  I celebrate today for several reasons. First off, it is my birthday today. Second, it is the last day of the poetry challenge and I kept up with it, posting each day in spite of the fact that I have had some serious health issues for several months and recently (yesterday) had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee to correct problems with it after having a total knee replacement a few years ago, so will take some days off to rest and recuperate.  Another reason to celebrate is that it is spring now, my favorite season and things are all turning green, flowers are in bloom, and much or most of our city here in Loveland has undergone and finished the repair and restoring of our roads, parks and river areas devastated by the terrible flood last fall here in Northern Colorado and the Front Range. Those are all happy and positive reasons for celebrating this day and this season. So, a Happy Spring to all out there. And, thank you all for reading, and for the positive comments, follows and likes on my posts and poetry.


Joyce E. Johnson  (2014)

A Frog Named Slime (Day 29 for the NaPoWriMo poetry challenge)

A Frog Named Slime

A frog named Slime covered in grime

Jumped in a pond to scrub himself clean,

 scrubbed so hard he washed off the green

“Look at me now! I can’t be seen,

looking too clean like a shriveled green bean.

“‘I look all shiny with all that sheen.

and won’t look like a frog if I’m not all green.”‘

So away he hopped to his puddle of grime

and happy was he the frog named Slime.


Joyce E. Johnson © (2014)

Nurturing what we plant

Like seeds planted and

nurtured, our fruit is known by

that which feeds our soul.


Joyce E. Johnson  (2014)

To seek…


To seek,

to find,

to nurture

the mind;

Still yet, I

yearn to learn


The above poem was published in the anthology book, Poems to Remember (Volume II) in the Spring of 1991 by The Southern Poetry Assoc., Pass Christian, MS.

Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

Cain & Abel


CAIN & ABEL – The first recorded murder

He was but just a lamb fluffed in a coat of soft white wool.

While his shepherd watched with care the brother cried,

“Abel, you fool! Why do you dare?”

But, Abel bowed to God in prayer, then went to seek the lamb so fair.

Upon an altar laid the lamb, sacrificed to God, no questions asked.

Vowed to be faithful to the God he loved Abel carried on with all his tasks.

Off to the side of the hill upon an altar lay harvested crop.

As it burned, so did resentment, consumed with hatred, it would not stop.

Cain shouted, “Here God! Are you not satisfied?

Mine is just as well as the lamb that has died.”

In return to Cain, God replied,

“Love and honor are the fruits Abel doth bear.”

“Yours are of hatred and malice; the sins you wear.”

“They are the traits you possess instead.”

Jealous and bitter, Cain stalked after Abel.

Anger rose up within; now a brother lay dead.

A father was saddened. A mother knelt to weep,

for now her son’s soul does the Lord watch and keep.

God will not justify the taking of one’s life.

He could not tolerate Cain’s malice and strife.

If only Cain had obeyed then as he should,

but his meager sacrifice lay in vain.

Now he’d remember, forever he would

the brother once loved, the one he had slain.

God had to punish him, for what he’d done.

He sent Cain Away; from all, he would run.

But, God gave comfort to Eve for her grief, 

for in her heart, there was still belief.

And so brother against brother, 

hatred was born in this way.

Much the same is repeated to this day.


References to this true story can be found in Genesis, chapter four of the Old Testament Bible. The poetic portrayal here of Cain & Abel is a poem I wrote back in 1990. It was published in the above poetry anthology, Warm Thoughts, produced by The American Arts Association in Gulfport, MS, and was the first of several published poems through the years.

Joyce E. Johnson © (Sept. 1990)

Poems published – a few of my ‘oldies’

Poems published

Poems by Joyce E. Johnson published in these books

The above books are anthologies that have some of my poems published. These books were produced years ago before e-books, Amazon and Createspace made it easy and affordable to publish and produce. Below is one of my short poems produced in the book,  POEMS TO REMEMBER II.

A Rainbow high

decorates the sky

Ribbons of pastel

colors set array;

’tis soon disappearing,

quietly exits,



Joyce E. Johnson (Spring/1991)





Surrendering (Flash Fiction poetry) for NaPoWriMo, day 24



By Joyce E. Johnson


Billowing clouds of ivory forming in the sky

Lift into the rising dawn, a glow cupped in praise.

Trees, tall and reverent shade the shallow space.

I walk, forcing every step

To give the earth my son, his grave.

Looking up, beseeching to heaven, I cry,

“Why God? Why did you take my baby, my child?”

He answered back.

“I know how you feel.”

“For, I once gave up mine, too. And I will watch over yours.”

“Let me take your sorrow, and I will give you joy.”

“I promise a tomorrow when there will be no more pain.”


Footnotes: The above book, Flash Fiction is a collection of 100 word short stories and poems written by fifty talented authors for this edition created and edited by Madison Woods, the original founder and creator of the Flash Fiction writers group known as, Friday Fictioneers now under the direction of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My flash fiction/poem, SURRENDERING is one of the fifty included in this book which can be found and purchased through All of my short stories under the ‘Flash Fiction’ category can be found under that heading or under, Friday Fictioneers, many of which are written in a free style poetic form.

Joyce E. Johnson (2014)



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